Would you like to improve your photography skills?

Please choose from one of the two levels below and contact us to book your course now:

DPC Level I:

Description: This course is designed for amateurs or new camera owners who want to learn camera use and to give a professional look to their images.

Topics:  Getting the best from your digital Camera, understanding Lenses, understanding Exposure, Light Metering, Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO, Focus, Camera advanced Modes, using Flash, White Balance settings, basic Composition, basic Posing guidelines, Camera care.

Duration: The structured course time is 8 hours.
Requirements: You need to bring a camera – either a SLR or a point-and shoot – to attend this course.
Course fee:  On request.

DPC Level II:

Description: This course is designed for people who already have basic understanding of camera use, and are ready to move to higher level. It is aimed at providing understanding of more advanced photography concepts along with active demos and practice sessions.  The course is more open in format so that it can be tailored better to individual participant needs.

Topics:  Detailed camera instruction, DSLR advanced Settings and options, various types of Lighting, Light Metering, White Balance, Exposure bracketing, Histograms, Compositions, shooting Formats including Camera RAW, working with People, Posing for different themes, with emphasis on In-studio Photography.  Hands on practice in a photography session or photoshoot.

Duration: The structured course time is 16 hours.
Requirements: You need to bring a SLR camera to attend this course.
Course fee: On request,


  • Courses are conducted in English.
  • Course can be conducted at another location with reasonable extra charge.

Please contact here for more details.